President of Ashlyn Records

​Brittany Ashlyn Snyder

Ashlyn Records, an Inde-label, was founded in 2005 and named after owner Wain Snyder's daughter, who is now president of the label that houses the likes of Kimber Tomlinson, RELLIK, Buck Hutcheson, The Country Surfer, Marc Lavell, Barefoot Sun and many other local artist.


Video Of the Old Studio

About The Studio

Located One Block North Of Overton Square In Memphis, TN.


     Ghostnote Studio started out as a rehearsal room built from a building that was used as an auto repair facility built in 1944. In 2000, under new ownership it was insulated and sound proofed for a group of musicians that were rehearsing in the building. In 2002 the building was converted to the 24 track recording studio, and was housed there until May 1, 2010.

     On that day, the rain fell.  It fell three ways... Hard, Fast and Continuously.  In what some dubbed "The Hundred Year Flood", the building met the same fate as our musical neighbors in Nashville, just off the Cumberland River.

     While most of the equipment was saved, the decision to pull the building and start from scratch with a new, more than double the size, state of the art studio.

     We hope to be in the new building by summer 2014. In the mean time, we keep rolling wtih the punches and are currently housed in the East Wing of a Mid-Town home that offers all the comforts of home, while you record your project!